These are the languages created by Gibberish Inspired that where based after any Germanic language or, indeed, Proto-Germanic itself.

This now contains numeral charts for comparison purposes. In those tables, names written with an asterisk (*) are Original conlangs. All else are either natural languages or reconstructions.


West Germanic - Irminonic


Loxowian is based after Upper German & Luxembourgish. It has a strong French influence that shows in its orthography. It's country is called Loxowy & it's located at and/or around Gascony.


Laferish is based after Lombardic & "Middle Germanic."


Lerinese is based after Lombardic & "Middle Germanic."


Hipsinese is based after Upper German.


Gastenovic is based after Upper German. It is influenced by Russian. Gastenovic is spoken in an area just east of Ukraine.


Uzinese is a mixed language spoken in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, & Burundi. It is based after  Upper German, Middle German, Low German, & English & is influenced by many Local languages. Among them, Swahili, Kikuyu, Sukuma, Rundi, & Ganda. Additionally, it shares some features with Japanese, Arabic, & Italian.


Murian is a Lombardic based language spoken in northwestern Italy. It is influenced by Gallo-Italic languages.

West Germanic - Istvaeonic


Karbian is a Dutch based language.


Erlindish is a Franconian language related to Dutch.


Haltese is spoken in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, & scattered communities in Finland & Belarus. It is based after Limburgish & German & is influenced by the Baltic languages, Estonian, & Finnish.


Solinoldian is based after Limburgish & Dutch. It is influenced by Walloon.


Lekstanian is a Dutch based language.


Dislenkoan is a mixed language based after Dutch, Russian, & Spanish.


Contea is spoken by Contenyans on the southern shores of Brittany. It is based after Old Frankish & is influenced by Contenyan.


Doandamese is a descendant of Dutch spoken in New York state. It is influenced by native Iroquoian & Algonquian.


Ermoekese is a Duch based language spoken in north of Perth, Australia.


Jemcenese is a Dutch Creole spoken in Indonesia. It has features shared with Javanese & Malay


Kinese is a Dutch Creole spoken in Taiwan. It has features shared with Chinese, Japanese, Korean, & Tagalog.


Habrashomese is a Limburgish based language spoken in Lebanon. It is influenced by Arabic & Hebrew, which is evident in it's vocabulary & phonetics.


Torelian is a Franconian language spoken in southern Switzerland & parts of Italy. It is influenced by Burgundian.


Germandic is a language based after Old Frankish. It is spoken in France.


Gritinian is spoken in Grittiny, located in Belgium. It is based after Dutch & Frisian & is influenced by French.


Ojasantish is a Dutch Creole & a close relative of Jemcenese. It is spoken in Borneo & is influenced by French & Japanese.


Alispinese is spoken in Switzerland & the German alps. It is based after Dutch & German.


Veklavan is a Middle German based language spoken northeast of Ukraine. It is Strongly influenced by Russian.


Preflandish is based after Standard German, Middle German, Upper German, & Dutch.


Meyew is different from all other Germanic languages. It is a conlang based after Yiddish with it's vocabulary replaced in a unique way. Basically, the creator took, as it was spelled in it's hebrew writing, the consonants & gave them each a different phonetic value than what they originally had. Then, he incerted vowels to make it more pronouncible. It apears quite unrelated to the untrained eye, but some patterns do exist. For example, it has L wherever Yiddish had N.

Istvaeonic Numerals

Dutch Afrikaans *Dislenkoan *Jemcenese *Ojasantish *Contean Low German Limburgish *Germandic *Solinoldian Luxembourgish German *Meyew
een een en eni en en een ein endze ein een eins uyeln
twee twee tu tewe tew ti twee twie twe tuee zwee / zwou zwei tehey
drie drie dri jiri dri jei dree drie drei drie drai drei zeguy
vier vier virr viri vir firi veer veer vire vier veier vier shag
vijf vyf vif vivi viv fofo fief / fiev vief vampe viff fennef funf shalsh
zes ses zeus zezi zez sese soss zes sexe zas sechs sechs tefen
zeven sewe zeven zeveni zeven sepen soven zeve sevende zaven siwen sieben tacel
acht agt asta ati at kata acht ach ache acht aacht acht elem
negen nege nakan negeni negen nen negen neuge nejunde nugen neng neun luyel
tien tien tina tini tin ten tien teen tinde teen zeng zehn yul

West Germanic - Ingvaeonic


Rubertian is spoken in British Colombia. It is an offshoot of English.


Takman is an English based language spoken in western Hungary & eastern Austria. It is influenced by Hungarian.


Dolonghamese is an English based language spoken near northern Shandong, China. It is influenced by native Chinese languages.


Kadoan is based after Anglo-Saxon.


Dunghamese is based after English & is influenced by Chinese & Korean.


Ongalan is based after Anglo-Saxon.


Scinese is based after English.


Deeginian is based after Scots.


Lemdearish is based after Anglo-Saxon & is influenced Iresh.


Weckish is based after Anglo-Saxon & is influenced by Old Norse.


Bowinese is based after Anglo-Saxon & is influenced by Old Norse.


Takayanchian is an English Creole with strong Japanese elements. It is spoken the Northern Mariana Islands, the Bonin Islands, & the Volcano Islands.


Gibarotic is based after English & Dutch & is influenced by Spanish.


Aratonese is an English based language spoken in New York state. It is influenced by Iroquoian/Algonquian.


Jonish is spoken in Maryland, Verginia, North Carolina, & South Carolina. It is an English based language with strong Latin & Greek influences.


Zerashini is an English based language with strong Persian influences. It is spoken in south eastern Iran.


Kashalimese is an Anglo-Saxon based language with Arabic & Persian influences.


Toroan isan English based language heavily influenced by Spanish.


Basfan is a descendant of Anglo-Saxon. It is spoken in Newfoundland.


Sathoonian is a language based after Anglo-Saxon & English.


Peeforian is based after English, German, Dutch, & Frisian. It is spoken in north western Germany.


Mabertish is based after Rubertian. It is spoken in Micronesia & is influenced by French & the Micronesian languages.


Asinese is based after Low German & is influenced by Upper German. It is spoken in Bavaria.


Listinese is based after Low German, Frisian, & Middle German.


Rochese is based after Low German & Middle German.


Abish is based after Low German, Middle German, Dutch, Limburgish, & Danish.


Engalandoco is based after Middle English & is influenced by Japanese. It also supports an Italian-like orthography.

Ingvaeonic Numerals

Anglo Saxon *Weckish *Engalandoco Scots English English with GI's Alternative Spelling Old Frisian Frisian
an ane on ane one wan en ien
twa twa tawa twa two tu twe twa
thri thri tariyo three three thri thre trije
feower fjorer fora fower four for fiuwer fouwer
fif fif fiva five five faev fif fiif
sex sex sicasa sax six six sex seis
seofon sjaven sevena seiven seven seven sigun saun
eahta atta egata aicht eight eit achta acht
nigon nion nina nine nine naen nigun njuggen
tien tion tena ten ten ten tian tsien

North Germanic - East Norse


Tero-Konan is spoken on the eastern Caspian shore. It is divided by two dialects, Teroan & Konan. It is a descendent of Old Norse & is heavily influenced by Iranian & Turkic languages.


Ramatari is an Old Norse descendent language spoken in Anatolia.It is Influenced by Aramaic & Turkish.


Norgovikese is spoken just north of where Gastenovic is spoken. It is a descendant of Old Norse & is influenced by Russian & Mordvinian.


Retherinese is a descendent of Old Norse spoken just west of where Komi is spoken. It is influenced by Russian.

Baltic Creole

Baltic Creole is a Danish based creole with elements taken from Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian, & German.


Radergan is an Old Norse descendant spoken in Hungary. It is influenced by Czech & Hungarian.


Olkeric is based after Old Norse & Anglo-Saxon.


Dalkian is an Old Norse descendant influenced by Swedish.


Yosukurokian is based after Swedish & Norwegian & is influenced by Japanese. It is spoken in the Kuril Islands.


Vovaralan is based after East Norse & is influenced by Latin, Romanian, Russian, & Ukrainian. It is spoken in Ukraine.


Rondanese is a Swedish based language spoken in Maryland & Delaware. It is influenced by Iroquoian.

East Norse Numerals

Swedish Danish *Olkeric *Old Tero Konan *Teroan *Konan
en / ett en / et in enta enta engka
tva to tejr tewera tewera kefera
tre tre thir tarigira tarigira karira
fyra fire fir firara wirara firara
fem fem fim fem wem fem
sex seks siks sekes sekes ses
sju syv saw sigi sigi si
atta otte atta oti oti oki
nio ni nu nigi nigi ni
tio ti tu tigi tigi ti

North Germanic - West Norse


Vinnish is an Old Norse descendant spoken in Newfoundland. It is influenced by Micmac.


Klomdsic is an Old Norse descendent influenced by Norwegian & Sami.


Appalaechian is an Old Norse descendent Heavy inlfuenced by Iroquoian languages. It is spoken in Appalachean mountains from Pennsylvania to Tennessee.


Tasic is an Old Norse descendent in fluenced by Algonquian languages. It is spoken in New Brunswick, Maine, Nova Scotia, & Prince Edward Island.


Nejalandish is an Old Norse descendent spoken in Labrador & parts of Quebec. It is influenced by Montagnais, & Inuit.


Resheran is an Old Norse Descendent influeced by Muskogean, Cherokee, & Carib. It is spoken in South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, southern Alabama, the Bahamas, & Cuba.


Broderan is an Old Norse with, despite being influence by Norwegian, has some archaisms.

West Germanic Numerals

Norwegian *Klomdsic Faroese Icelandish              *Nejalandish *Vinnish *Tasic *Appalaechian *Resheran

en / ei / et

end ein

einn / ein / eitt

yen yen yan dzhan jan
to tor tveir

tveir / tvaer / tvo

tuwi twey swey swei swi
tre tre triggir

thrir / thrjar / thrju

tiri thri tri rei hri
fire fjor fyra

fjorir / fjorar / fjogur

huru furu fora for vor
fem fem fimm fimm him fim fim fim vim
seks seks seks sex sekat sekas seka sek sak

syv / sju

sju sjey sjo zau zau sau sau saw
otte otte atta atta atta atta atta atta atta
ni ni niggju niu nyu nu on un un
ti ti tiggju tiu zu dzu ju dzhu ju

North Germanic - Other


Svigan is based after Gutnish, Swedish, & Danish. It spoken in southern Sweden.

East Germanic


Kraglan is based after Gothic & is influenced by Berber languages. It is spoken in Algeria.


Puynic is based after Gothic & is influenced by French. It is spoken in France


Terianese is based after Burgundian & is influenced by Italian. It is spoken in Italy.


Gudtharian is based after Vandal. It is spoken in Morocco.


Terishese is based after Vandal & is influenced by Arabic & the Berber languages. It is spoken in Tunisia.


Oncherese is an East Germanic language influenced by Russian. It is spoken in Russia.


Raleran is an East Germanic language influenced by Aramaic, Arabic, & Persian. It is spoken in Mesopotamia & israel.

East Germanic Numerals

Gothic *Raleran
ains ayanas
twai tawaya
threis tariya
fidwor hidura
fimf himah
saihs sah,as
sibun sibuna
ahtau ah,atu
niun niyuna
taihun tah,una

Far West Germanic

Sometimes refered to as "Celto-Germanic". These languages have been influenced by Celtic languages. They are spoken in Great Brittain. They are known for their destinct sound shift, F becomes P.





South Germanic

Mostly spoken east of modern West Germanic & Romance languages.


Tarenan is a South Germanic language spoken in scattered communities in Austria & Hungary. It is influenced by Hungarian & the Rhaeto-Romance languages.


Boltaric is a South Germanic language spoken in south east Poland & Slovakia. It is influenced by Slovak, Polish, Ukrainian.


Stipakan is a South Germanic language spoken in Serbia & Vojvodina. It is influenced by Serbo-Croat.


Alaveenese is a South Germanic language spoken in scattered communities in Slovenia & northern Croatia. It is influenced by German, Hungarian, Slovene, & Serbo-Croat.


Bimowodic is a South Germanic language spoken in Bulgaria & south western Wallachia. It is influenced by Romanian & Bulgarian.


Torolnan is a South Germanic language spoken Friulia, Venettia, & Slovenia. It is influenced by German, Friulian, & the Italo-Dalmatian languages.


Rolian is a South Germanic language spoken in north western Italy. It is influenced Italo-Dalmatian & Gallo-Italic languages.


Klafstintoan is a South Germanic language spoken in southern Albania, Macedonia, & parts of Greece. It is influenced by Albanian, Macedonian, & Greek.


Karodian is a South Germanic language spoken in the Sudeten mountains. It is influenced bu Czech, Plosh, & Slovak.

South Germanic Numerals

*Proto South Germanic *Torolnan *Rolian *Bimowodic *Stipakan
inaz inez ina insh inch
tva tvae tai tfo tvo
threyez threi treis thri thris
fedvurez feeder fedro fedder fevveres
femfe femfe fenfe femf fimf
se:ks seis ses seks sejs
sebo:n sevon seben seppan sibon
aktu act acto aktu akt
nevu:n nevon nevoun nevan nevon
te:ku:n tehon teicon tikan tekun

Other Germanic

These languagese don't fit evenly to any subcatagory.


Relirdic is similar to East Germanic, Ingvaeonic & Istvaeonic languages. It is spoken in England.


Rarman is a Germanic language spoken in northern Germany.


Boltamian is similar to East Germanic, North Germanic, Ingvaeonic, & Istvaeonic languages. It is spoken in Poland & is influenced by Polish.


Roltesan is similar to Irmibobic, Ingvaeonic, & East Germanic languages. It is spoken central France, in a land called Roltes. The language is influenced by French & Occitan.


Grambedergan is a Germanic language spoken in Hungary, The Balkans, Romania, & Anatolia. It is influenced by Hungarian, Turkish, & Hattic


Relotic is based after Roltesan & is influenced by Coregoan.


Grandalic is similar to Irminonic, Ingvaeonic, North Germanic & East Germanic languages. It is spoken in Bohemia.


Goldalonan is similar to North Germanic & Istvaeonic languages & is influenced by Ibero-Romance languages


Olvoteri is similar to Istvaeonic, East Germanic, Irminonic languages & is influinced by Finnic languages. It is spoken east of Estonia & Latvia.


Niomarkese is a conlang based after Proto-Germanic & Japanese with elements from Inuit, Komi, Old Norse, & Greek. It was created in northern Russia.


Dalnan is similar to North Germanic, East-Germanic, Istvaeonic, & Ingvaeonic languages & is spoken in Sweden.


Ahadian is a colang based after Proto-Germanic, Hawaiian, & Arabic. It is spoken in Libya.


Darinese is similar to East Germanic, Ingvaeonic, & Istvaeonic languages. It is spoken in Leon, Spain.


Thindinese is similar to North Germanic, Ingvaeonic, & Istvaeonic languages & is spoken in Scotland.


Darlic is similar to East Germanic & Irminonic languages. It is spoken is Gascony.


Vanda is similar to North Germanic, East Germanic, & Ingvaeonic languages & is spoken in Morocco.


Bielgeved is a artlang of sorts based of German, Swedish, & English with some elements taken from Finnish. It was created in Australia.

Other Germanic Numerals

Proto Germanic *Grandalic *Bielgeved *Boltamian *Dalnan *Olvoteri *Ahadian *Rarman *Niomarkese  *Grambedergan
ainaz en anat enit an ins enasa agnes aina / hito hinnash
twa bar twa twei tor swey tuwa twa tweji / futa tawa
thrijiz dri triet thrit drim tores firisa thriges triyu / miku taresh
fidwo:riz vore fievoret vodwar vjoder fivor fidosa dwores fyuri / yuku fettresh
fimfi voff femfi vem vam fimif fimafi imi fimu / itsu veffe
sehs sex ses sechs haks sis sehasa seys seksu / muku sihis
sibun sowen sieffeng sobben hjoben sifan sibona sewwen syuna / nana seppa
ahto: act hietto cha atom ata ahatu ayto atto / yaku hattu
niwun nijen nueng noggen njon nilan niwona newen niyu / kono newa
tehun tijen tieng techen tikon silan tehuna teyn tehun / toku tia


Madalish is Currently labeled as "Irano-Germanic." for shareing elements from both Iranian & Germanic languages. There are, however, no other member of this sub-grouping.



A grouping of Indo-European languages that share common characteristics of both Celtic & Germanic have classified as this.


Haslagrafic is spoken in Kosovo. It is influenced by Illyrian & Ancient Macedonian


Motapian is spoken in Greece. It is influenced by Greek, Latin, & Albanian.


Oitamalan is spoken in Anatolia. It is Influenced by Gallatian Gaulish & Hattic.


Helieran is spoken in Ukraine. It is influenced by Greek, Sarmatian, & Gothic.


Palfanyan is some times classified as "Indo-Germanic" since it has elements shared by both Indo-Aryan & Germanic. It however has no close relatives. It is Spoken in Dagestan.


Originally Called "Australian" but nowadays refered to as "Ostralian" since it has nothing to do with Australia. It has sometimes been called an "Italo-Germanic" language for having elements shared with both Germanic & Italic languages. There is, however, no known relative to Ostralian. Ostralian is spoken in southern Italy.

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