Is it possible to make a challenge?

If so, does anyone want to do a challenge in which they deliberately try to create a language using specific features which they've never used in any other active language on this wiki?

I ask this because I want to see who wants to do a challenge. I guess this may or may not be to anyone's favor.

Some root ideas I have are:


1. The phonological restraints on stops, fricatives, approximants and trills are changed so that the number of places of articulation has to be changed by at least two, and the number of manners of articulation has to be changed by at least three.

2. The number of vowels (secondary articulation/syllabic consonant inclusive) has to be three to the power of three minus the fewest possible sound in a syllable nucleus the creator has ever allowed or 3^(3-fewest nuclear sounds), and the number of consonants (syllabic consonant exclusive) has to be four times the square root of the lowest number of consonants that user has ever created, which is then rounded up, or 4(sqrt(fewest number of consonants)).


1. The word order and alignment of the conlang has to be one which hasn't been used by that person before, and if all of them have been used before, it has to be a stack-based conlang (because the two stack-based conlangs here are made by people who haven't utilized ergative-absolutive, for example). If somehow this rule is bypassed, it has to have a similar grammar to Asonobov.

2. The amount of synthesis depends on the number of languages with no synthesis that a person has made taken from the total number of languages that person has created. If the number is less than 50%, it can have any amount of synthesis in any place. However, if the number is greater than 50%, it must be polysynthetic in either nouns or verbs (or both), and if 100%, then every part of speech has to be inflected.

3.The amount of fusion works in the same way.

EDIT 1: I tried to fix the consonants so they wouldn't get too out of hand.