In my previous post, I mentioned that Martix had remixed his songs into a Techcore track.

This track was so popular that it immediately led to the creation of the 4 cores around the world.

2023 is what we may call the Year of Techcore.

Good job, Martix. You've changed the EDM scene forever.

Here are the four cores in 2023, in care you aren't already aware:

- Techcore (Netherlands)

- Minicore (Germany)

- Dreamcore (US)

- Breakcore (UK)

This led to the creation of Psycore in Israel.

Good job. The Dutch people have forever changed the EDM scene.

If the Winstons are still alive, they probably wouldn't be as angry to those people who sampled the Amen Break anymore.

That's all about Techcore for now.