The veil wasn't such a serious problem.

It was not the actual reality of creation.

But I made the creator so embarrassed.

I am really ashamed of myself.

I shouldn't have made the creator too embarrassed.

The creator was not as evil as I thought.

It only wished to know itself.

I'm terribly sorry, creator.

I will never do this to anyone again.

I have made you so ashamed.

I will not do this insane logic anymore.

This logic is so stupid, gaia.

(Sorry, guys, these posts aren't about techcore.)

ps. I made myself so embarrassed, gaia!

Is it still possible anymore?

- No it's not. Let's forget about it. The Creator does not do it anymore.

Thank you. I'll try to let go of it and forgive myself.

- That's a good thing to do.

Can we still be friends? Is there anything else I need to know?

- My dear, we feel that you need to be patient when talking to others.

Meditation would help?

- Yes, it would help you become more patient. You're such a good boy.

I was so hasty.

- It's fine, my dear. We don't hold grudges over people.


Yeah, the previous logic was so foolish, we could do nothing about it except for letting it end.

- Yeah.

There's no this kind of logic right now?

- Yes, my brother.

Ok. May I keep this part?

- Yes, we don't think it is embarrassing to show.