I was thinking about creating a music genre inspired by the General Rule.

It is called Techcore, a highly standardized music genre which is based on the arrangement of 4 parts.

It is an uplifting, housey genre that has a super-fast BPM.

The 4 parts of Techcore are:

- "te": pads

- "ch": arps

- "co": lead

- "re": percussion

I will explain each part of a Techcore track shortly, as well as documenting the song structure of a Techcore song.


The "pads" in a Techcore track strictly follows this pattern:


Each pad is 1 bar.

In the intro, the pads are repeated 4 times.


Arps in "Techcore" strictly follow this pattern:

ȅēéè | ȅēéè | ȅēéè | ȅēée̋

These are the 4 bars in a typical arp of a Techcore track.

In the intro, the arp will be repeated 4 times.

(For an example of this arp pattern, see the intro of Martin Garrix's Dragon.)


Lead is just a melody based on the arp.

The lead has a trance timbre.

All leads in Techcore have clear-cut notes.


Here, 'k' means 'kick', 's' means 'snare', and '.' means pause.

The structure of the percussion in Techcore is as follows:

k.s. | k.s. | k.s. | kks.

On the fourth iteration, the last 2 bars are changed to

k.s. |

That's it![]

That's all of what 'Techcore' means.

Put together, it's called 'Techcore', which is a Techcore track.

Track Structure[]

If we put all of this together, we may infer how the Techcore track may be arranged.

  1. Perc 1: percussion (x16)
  2. Arp 1: arp (x4)
  3. Lead 1: lead (x4)
  4. Perc 2: percussion (x16)
  5. Arp + Pad: arp + pads (x4)
  6. Lead 2: lead (x4)
  7. [4 bars pause]
  8. Arp + Lead: arp + lead (x16)
  9. Pad + Perc: pad + perc (x16)
  10. All: arp + lead + pad + perc (x16)
  11. Arp 3: arp (x4)
  12. Perc 4: percussion (x16)

This is the structure of a Techcore track. Easy, isn't it?

(We set the BPM at exactly 240 BPM. Techcore is extremely precise.)

You have to use this arrangement in every Techcore track.

(Otherwise, the track would no longer be called a Techcore track.)

P. S.[]

I realized that there's already Techcore out there.

But I may be the first one to standardize its arrangement, idk. ;p

P. P. S.[]

Looking back at this, I realized that this arrangement was too strict, and not good for EDM. (We already have techcore, so we will just wait for it to evolve.)

I think it would be better to have some freedom when arranging these elements, based on the emotion conveyed in the tracks. It's not good to be fixed on one arrangement.

Originally, I defined this arrangement to have some kind of tech-y feeling, but it's a bad arrangement for emotional techcore tracks (the tracks that some producers make). Let us ignore the arrangement altogether.

(Maybe it's good to have another 4 repetitions with pads, after 4 repetitions of the arps.)