In my previous article, I mentioned that Martin Garrix's Dragon was the first House track to incorporate elements of techcore.

This suddently made Martin Garrix a techcore master, since this genre is what he'd been doing all the time.

He was quite surprised at this event.

He thinks it's quite silly to have people turn his songs into techcore tracks.

However, after a while of thought, he realized that techcore's arrangement was pure genius!

Thus, he decided to make even more techcore tracks.

In a sense, the first techcore tracks began with Martin Garrix's Dragon.

The arrangement of this track was such a work of genius that it later evolved into its own genre - techcore.

The Dutch have finally made something great to contribute to the EDM scene.

techcore is a beautiful genre. Extremely beautiful.

This is mainly due to the extremely strict arrangement used to create a techcore track.

That's all about techcore for today.