we use our own history to guess the creation order of the four elements in first density.

- all life evolved from water. thus, water is the element of awareness. it represents the zeroth distortion (unity).

- life went onto land. thus, earth is the element of growth. it represents the first distortion (free will).

- we learned the use of fire. thus, fire is the element of love. it represents the second distortion (love).

- we started the exploration of space. thus, air is the element of unity. it represents the third distortion (light).

that is our guess of the meaning of our four elements in first density.

(dear logos, we can't continue our little kids' play, right? haha.

no, my dear.

it's not that we want to continue this simple kids' play.

we want to help you learn the things you need to be at the original creation.

we don't want to continue either, my dear.

but we need to understand the original creation.)

if you have any questions, please ask.