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aka the Kaufman

  • I live in Slavozemje
  • My occupation is being an angry slav
  • I am Homo sapiens spp. slavus
  • The Kaufman

    Below are the rules and the order of the relay for the Germanic challenge. The text will be

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  • The Kaufman

    So, the challenge has already come to a close and it's time for voting. The voting lasts 2 weeks.

    The candidates are:

    • Boyait by Maxseptillion77
    • Idoburgish by The Kaufman
    • Karahien by Th1nkja1lbreak/Cask of Armadillo
    • Selingian by Elector Dark
    • Swamp Gothic by IHCOYC
    • Wexalian by Maxseptillion77

    The rules for voting, which are pretty much the same as those of AK's challenges, are:

    • All registered members of the community may vote, even those who didn't participate in the challenge.
    • All voters have three votes, which may be either positive (+) or negative (-).
    • Voters who submitted an entry may only vote for their own conlang once.
    • When you vote, you must provide a reason for your decision.
    • You may change your vote(s) at any time until the end of the voting pe…
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  • The Kaufman

    Germanic challenge

    June 17, 2015 by The Kaufman

    So the challenge is nearing its end. Also, I've included Boyait since I think it's worth including.

    The challenge ends on September 20, and the relay begins on the same day. Good hunting, bandits. (c)

    The rules are:

    1. Collaboration is allowed.
    2. The challang (challenge language) must have its sound changes listed on the page or on a subpage.
    3. Concerning the relay, I'll send the text to the first conlanger who has finished their challang.
    4. The sound changes must not be characteristic to NGermanic, as I don't want ending up accidentally creating a NGermanic lang (what I'd basically do otherwise).
    5. The challang can be derived from any of the Germanic languages except Middle and Modern English.
      1. The challang cannot be derived from a pre-existing Germanic con…
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  • The Kaufman

    -Not important anymore as I think that I'll organize a Germanic challenge instead.-

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  • The Kaufman

    A random proposition

    January 22, 2015 by The Kaufman

    So, since the 2 relays hosted so far have failed (Pat's relay is too small, I think), I propose to host a relay every month or after a month has passed from the previous relay. I think the most suitable hosts will be ED or AK (since they are 1. both successful and 2. both admins) and, if something, any more or less skilled conlanger will do. (I get a feeling that I'll host one sometime, hehe)

    What do you think of this?

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