So the challenge is nearing its end. Also, I've included Boyait since I think it's worth including.

The challenge ends on September 20, and the relay begins on the same day. Good hunting, bandits. (c)

The rules are:

  1. Collaboration is allowed.
  2. The challang (challenge language) must have its sound changes listed on the page or on a subpage.
  3. Concerning the relay, I'll send the text to the first conlanger who has finished their challang.
  4. The sound changes must not be characteristic to NGermanic, as I don't want ending up accidentally creating a NGermanic lang (what I'd basically do otherwise).
  5. The challang can be derived from any of the Germanic languages except Middle and Modern English.
    1. The challang cannot be derived from a pre-existing Germanic conlang.
  6. The required translation is the description of Britain from Bede's Ecclesiastical History.


To AK and ED: would you kindly leave the /Lexicon subpage (if exists) unprotected?