Below are the rules and the order of the relay for the Germanic challenge. The text will be <100 words long. Not much more to say.


  • Everyone is given 2 weeks to translate the text, including me.
  • Send the text to the participant that follows you as soon as you finish, no need to wait the 2 weeks.
  • Send your texts AND the English translations of your predecessor's texts to me, either by the time you finish or by the time the relay ends.
  • Everyone must send the text privately, e.g. by e-mail. Speaking of which, mine is derkoyfman at gmail dot com, at and dot replaced by appropriate symbols.
  • Every participant must send the text (translated to their conlang) to the participant that follows them.
  • Be sure to include all words you used in the lexicon.
  • Translate the texts to English first, for reason see rule 3.
  • Report here when you send the translation.
  • Last one, you may ask me, COA, or whoever precedes you if you can't translate something. Don't ask for full text translations, though.


User Language Finished
The Kaufman Idoburgish 5 Oct 2015
IHCOYC Swamp Gothic 9 Oct 2015
Maxseptillion77 Wexalian
Elector Dark Selingian

Good hunting, bandits.