I hope you all will enjoy the show, and perhaps partake in it...!

Now, the new prototype Main page is up, and has been accordingly updated. I would like to thank all my friends for making this possible... and blah, blah, blah. A special thanks to Mamûnám ontā́ bán, though.

The current Main page is, as mentioned, preliminary. Any advices on it are welcome, as well as all criticism! It currently looks absolutely the best with Firefox (size 16 and Calibri) though!

Thus, I will move on to my new projects:

I have begun "sketching" a layout similar to that of the Main page.

  • Improving and introducing the wiki Forum. Last used in March 2011...

Actually, not much needed to be done. May I ask if we maybe should rename the "High Council" forum, in favour for something like the "Board"? (Alluding to a Linguistic Board?). The "Canto" however, is to me a catchy name!

  • ...As well raising the question on whether a new admin for the wiki is necessary?

If so, a vote should be announced on the forum.

As always, I can't work without everyone's opinions! Cheers!