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Questions or help Edit

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I am currently working on Rangyan verbs and I need some help with verb conjugations please.

Rangyan verbs can be conjugated according to tense, aspect, voice and polarity:

Tense: Present, Past (-usi), Future (-arai)
     Aspect: Progressive (-an-)
     Voice: Active, Passive (-it-)
     Polarity: Affirmative, Negative (-om-)

The table below is my first attempt of verb conjugations for this agglutinative conlang.


So my questions are:

1. Is there a universal order of verb conjugation suffixes? e.g. voice suffixes must come before tense suffixes but after negative suffixes...
  2. Is it plausible to have this kind of construction? i.e. the conjugation syntax is VC+VC+VC+VCV it+an+om+arai but it is actually pronounced/heard as V+CV+CV+CVCV i ta no marai
  3. Does it make sense to insert a dummy vowel e to the last verb conjugation suffix ending in a consonant? e.g. -ite, -ane, -ome while they are -it-, -an-, -om- if followed by other suffixes
  1. 1: no, there is no universal order that must be applied, you can have any specific order for each language
  2. It is polausible but unlikely all afixes uses the same exact structure onto a word stem
  3. If you can give a reason for it, english uses a dummy verb for example

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Grammar StructureEdit

Hi! I am also creating an Asian conlang, and was wondering if I could use the verb structure like you do! It is so clever and I was thinking about doing something the exact same way (then I saw yours), and I just wanted to see if I could format my language in the same format. I happen to love Rangyayo and thanks so much! Jmelnick 02:02, June 21, 2012 (UTC)Jmelnick

Personal NoteEdit

subjunctive:dubitative, assumptive, desiderative, optative, tentative, potential
necessitative:deliberative, hortative, 
imperative:obligative, permissive

Indians: Gujarati, Sindhi, Bengali, Tamil, and Punjabi
Nepalese: Nepali (British Army's Brigade of Gurkhas)
Pakistanis: Urdu, Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, Balochi (Sindhi community, trade, import and export business)
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