Varðinekvas is a conlang by The Kaufman which has plagiarized absorbed a lot of ideas from Indo-European languages. Not much more to say except a lot of stupid setting.



/m n ŋ ɲ p t k b d g f v θ ð s z ʂ ʐ ɣ x h r j tʂ dʐ/ <m n ng ñ p t k b d g f v þ ð s z š ž ɣ x h r j č dž>


/i e ɛ y ø ɪ ə u ɑ o ɔ ɒ Vɪ Vʊ/ <í é e y ö i - u a ó o á Vi Vu>


The syllable structure is (C)(C)V(C)(C), and more to be done.


If a voiced sound occurs in the end of a word, it's often devoiced.



The stress pattern is varying (like in Slavic languages) but the predominant stress is on first syllable. <MTBD>

Sound changesEdit

So, the language isn't all that IE, but some words come from PIE directly. Say, it's like Armenian, but a load less Caucasian-like.

Main articles: Varðinekvas/Old, Varðinekvas/Eastern, Varðinekvas/Substrate

From Old 'Nekvas to Central/Standard 'NekvasEdit

To be done.



See Varðinekvas/Vocabulary (TBD).

Example textEdit

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