The Accusative Case is one of the five cases used in Xïlusia. This case is used when the noun is being affected by the action (the direct object). 

Singular Endings[]

-it becomes -ce

-ȯ becomes -órdurr

-vex becomes -gèx

 becomes -ïẋunẏ

-olz becomes -numa

-ṁ becomes -oku

-tâȧ becomes -tâviùè

-ze becomes -lop

-ågi becomes -dyȧlė

Practice Exercise 1[]

Add the appropriate suffix to these translated words'. There is one of each suffix.

1. egg - ívolb__

2. flag - ħuni__

3. laundry detergent - dyatlzigu__

4. baboon - vėlzpi__

5. ruler - ɔinẏtaćasio__

6. blanket - nïmtåẋ__

7. dust - ǹviùociab__


-it becomes -ilż

 becomes -iŕviùet

-vex becomes -ɔorź

 becomes -kacò

-olz becomes -ćolim

-ṁ becomes -fer

-tâȧ becomes -rriám

-ze becomes -ṁgẏt

-ågi becomes -zelt

Practice Exercise 2[]

Pluralize the words from Exercise 1.


Practice Exercise 1[]

1. ívolbïẋunẏ

2. ħunitâviùè

3. dyatlziguórdurr

4. vėlzpinuma

5. ɔinẏtaćasiolop

6. nïmtåẋce

7. ǹviùociabdyȧlė

Practice Exercise 2[]

1. ívolbkacò

2. ħunirriám

3. dyatlziguiŕviùet

4. vėlzpićolim

5. ɔinẏtaćasioṁgẏt

6. nïmtåẋilż

7. ǹviùociabzelt