Nouns are declined for number. To show plurality, '-ace' is added if the word ends in a consonant, or '-ce' is added if the word ends in a vowel.

List of Nouns[]



Simplengva English
Dev God
Tcesucriso Jesus Christ
spirito spirit
Caile Heaven


Simplengva English
pvnc point

Ideologies, Abstract Properties[]

Simplengva English
liverta liberty

Other Concepts[]

Simplengva English
tiempo time


Simplengva English
vvlpa fox
cano dog
cato cat
animal animal
pici fish
avi bird


Simplengva English
giom man
femi woman
poro boy
pela girl
uman human
filo child
ucca wife
marte husband
infanci baby
popvlo people populace
gent people (culture)

Body Parts[]

Simplengva English
mano hand
capo head


Simplengva English
agreco farmer
conuctor driver


Artificial Locations[]

Simplengva English
dom house
civi city
opida town
ro village
vri settlement
via road street
itra sidewalk path
agre farm
nacioni nation

Natural Locations[]

Simplengva English
col hill
mont mountain
flume river
tera land


Simplengva English
tcol sun
tcela star
mvnde Earth world


Simplengva English
plvva rain
tempeca storm
caile sky
vent wind


Place values, until one reaches a million and greater, are compounded as one word. The largest place value goes first and the following words decrease in place value. The decimal point is signified by the word pvnc, and numbers after the decimal point are said the same as numbers from zero to nine.

The words for many numbers are placed in the following chart.


Simplengva Numeral English
cero 0 zero
cero pvnc vn 0.1 zero point one
vn 1 one
dvo 2 two
tre 3 three
cva 4 four
cin 5 five
cicca 6 six
cept 7 seven
oct 8 eight
nove 9 nine
dece 10 ten
vndece 11 eleven
dvodece 12 twelve
tredece 13 thirteen
cvadece 14 fourteen
cindece 15 fifteen
ciccadece 16 sixteen
cepdece 17 seventeen
ocdece 18 eighteen
novdece 19 nineteen
vigi 20 twenty
trigi 30 thirty
cvagi 40 forty
cinegi 50 fifty
ciccagi 60 sixty
cepgi 70 seventy
octegi 80 eighty
novegi 90 ninety
cent 100 one hundred
dvcent 200 two hundred
trecent 300 three hundred
cvacent 400 four hundred
cincent 500 five hundred
ciccent 600 six hundred
cepcent 700 seven hundred
occent 800 eight hundred
novecent 900 nine hundred
mil 1,000 one thousand
dvmil 2,000 two thousand
cinemil 5,000 five thousand
decemil 10,000 ten thousand
vigimil 20,000 twenty thousand
cinegimil 50,000 fifty thousant
centemil 100,000 one hundred thousand
milion 1,000,000 one million
dv milion 2,000,000 two million
dvlion 1,000,000,000 one billion
trelion 1,000,000,000,000 one trillion


  • 341
    • three hundred forty-one
    • trecent cvagi vn
  • 2,534,991
    • two million, five hundred thirty-four thousand, nine hundred ninety-one
    • dv milion, cincent trigi cva mil, novecent novegi vn
  • 673,728,323,498,050
    • six hundred seventy-three hundred trillion, seven hundred twenty-eight billion, three hundred twenty-three million, four hundred ninety-eight thousand, fifty
    • ciccent cepgi tre trelion, cepcent vigi oct dvlion, trecent vigi tre milion, cvacent novegi oct mil, cinegi
  • 53,100.314
    • fifty-three thousand, one hundred, point three one four
    • cinegi tre mil, cent, pvnc tre vn cva