Word Class Meaning IPA Log Type
a.i.m.f. E.V. to freeze (within ice)
a.j.t.e. E.V. to recite, to chant
a.k.n.t. E.V. to destroy, to raze, to obliterate, to delete, to erase, to annihilate, to devastate Central Standard Log
a.o.y.a. E.V. to mix, to stir, to combine, to fuse
a.t.a.t. E.V. to disturb, to distort, to cause disorder
aacot n./adj. unheard, unknown, unseen, unspoken, something unknown
aeros n. air, the element of air, Aeros
ajl adj. high, above, (suspended) in mid-air
akira n. proof, testimony, evidence, legacy
akri adj. divine, holy, noble, ethereal, of divinity
al conj./prefix. the (not used commonly) (Article Object Marker) α Altheumelia Log
alhifaz n. control, rule, possession, manipulation
aliasar n. spear, halberd
alighabia n. mathematics, math, geometry, trigonometry
aline adj. of redemption, of atonement
almarat n. system, network
alrghmin n. plutonium
alsibma n. oxygen, air, breathable gas
altyjb n. demise, end, ending
alwan n. code, formula
alxhajeit n. judgement, law, domain, punishment, retribution α Altheumelia Log
anabda and yet... Central Standard Log
anein adj. inferior, weak, pitiful, pathetic
aniyek adj. foolish, idiotic
anquna n. will, willpower, embodiment of will, manifestation, servant
aqasyd n. water, the element of water, Hydros, Aqua
arong adv. certainly, surely, positively
asaatar emotions, feelings
asfar n. day, days
asfari n. (Day Count Indicator)
asipiana n. situation, problem, incident
athir n. breeze, gentle wind, whisper
avast n. palace, castle, fortress, citadel
avusheb n. nightmare, delusion, torment Grimoirius Log
axhalenga n. starlight
az adj. only, unique


Word Class Meaning IPA Log Type
babantu n./adj. lie, deceit, deception, of deceit, of lies, of deception
bafalu n. ritual, ceremony, coronation
balsu adj. fast, quick, speedy
bdefota n. protocol, strategy
belain n./adj. cage, prison, confinement, of imprisonment
betsebu n. venom, poison, toxin
bhavana n. spell, enchantment
bingei adj. twisted (as if a described as a twisted form of its normal self)
biruina n. cell, cage, shell, prison
bn so that..., so...
bolno adv./adj. quietly, silently, mutely, silent, mute, quiet
brezzophir n. insanity, madness, bloodlust, violent nature, violence, corruption Eldaria Log
bterve n. peak, apex, point, end


Word Class Meaning IPA Log Type
c.k.r.yy. E.V. to summon, to call upon
c.o.y.e. E.V. to swing (an object)
c.r.t.t. E.V. protect, guard, defend
c.k.s.k. E.V. speak, say, talk, inform, communicate with
c.v.t.b. E.V. hug, embrace
ca within, inside, inner, in
cheavei n. existence
chiwithi adj. cold, freezing
ciali n. world, realm Alpha Altheumelia
cialimuaj n. dimension, universe Alpha Altheumelia
ciasiab n. sky, the skies, atmosphere Alpha Altheumelia
cieljin n. world, realm
cielidos n. dimension, universe
cien n. sky, the skies, atmosphere
clun adv. always, usually, mostly


Word Class Meaning IPA Log Type
d.h.l.k. E.V. transform, become, turn into Eldaria Log
d.j.s.r. E.V. to ravage (probably the only verb with the most negative and harsh connotations to its meaning of doing something horrible) Grimoirius Log
d.m.e.y. E.V. to dash, to run, to sprint
d.r.c.k. E.V. stay, wait (within)
d.r.j.t. E.V. listen, hear
d.y.l.d. E.V. to walk
dakhurulia adv. certainly, surely
dawan n. uranium Belezorgo Log
de and Regal Automia Log
degh even if..., even...
deliteto adv. coldly, harshly, cruelly
denadidi n. landform, terrain, surface
deregja n. gun, fire-arm, long-range weapon Belezorgo Log
dghes n. body, host, medium, corpse
dhaman n. disc, wheel, mandala Sol-Empelis Log
dhiphilsa n. hope, wish, faith, belief, prayer Sol-Empelis Log
dhlk n. pipe, straw
difalaki n. claw, nail
dixodos n. musical composition, musical creation, music Eldaria Log
djestra n. wedding
dl conj. from..., originating from, belonging to Central Standard Log
du conj. to, towards, at, unto, into Central Standard Log
duelis n. prince
duelisa n. princess
dyirq n. door, gateway, portal, entrance, exit
dzala n. taste, style


Word Class Meaning IPA Log Type
e.a.s.p. E.V. to scream, to yell, shriek
e.d.f.d. E.V. to smile, to laugh
e.f.f.c. E.V. to continue (doing something), to go on
e.n.e.a. E.V. to plant (seeds)
e.w.d.m. E.V. advance, make progress, to march, to proceed
e.x.e.c. E.V. send, move, transfer to
eajzil n. medic, doctor, healer
ealadisan n. priest
eatsar n. meat, flesh
eiixilumi adj. beneficial, of good properties, having advantages
einay adj. deep, profound
ekinsete n. priestess, maiden, virgin
elethirea n. ethereal state (of mind), ethereal dimension, ethereal magic, spiritual/astral plane Regal Automia
elizeyo adj. horrible, inhuman, horrid (as if describing something as something so utterly horrifying that it cannot be put in simple terms) Belezorgo Log
enik n. power, strength
epitasei n. darkness, the element of darkness, Umbra, Tenebrae
epithymies n. righteousness, justice
erebik n. darkness (as in an emotion)
ertali adj. dark, nocturnal, obscured
eshfeba n. chlorine, toxic gas, noxious gas
esimgher n. nightmare, delusion
esost adj. dark, of darkness
eterina n. aurora, light show, scattered light
ethion n. deity, (genderless) entity, spirit, god, goddess Central Standard Log
etimirom n. destruction, annihilation, ruination, devastation Belezorgo Log
etodin n./adj. crystalline, crystal, gem
evaltis n. archangel Regal Automia Log
evtyxa go and snatch away! Grimoirius Log
eyina n. waves, (sound) waves


Word Class Meaning IPA Log Type
f.l.i.p. E.V. dream, to fall into a state of dreaming, to dream about E.V. fall into, sink into, collapse into
f.r.t.s. E.V. to mature, to grow
fa this/these (used for emphasis before vowel sounds)
farasodes n. element, concept
fazijati n. nature, the element of nature, Chloros (greenery, plants and nature)
feletev n. magic, sorcery
fi this/these (used for emphasis before consonant sounds)
fixi interj. uh-oh, oh no!
fuqi adv. no use, it is no use, useless, now inevitable


Word Class Meaning IPA Log Type
gamotola adj. overflowing, overfilled, overloaded
gejilonge n. vessel, medium, host, body
geni adj./n. rainbow-coloured, iridescent, rainbow, iridescence


Word Class Meaning IPA Log Type
h.c.nts.i. E.V. to express (emotions), to manifest (thoughts) into reality, to sing (to express emotions) Eldaria Log
h.d.k.t. E.V. connect, link, tie together Central
h.l.n.g. E.V. to prevail, to change a terrible fate
h.n.e.o. E.V. to know, understand, have knowledge of, learn
h.nd.r.s. E.V. admit defeat, to surrender, give up, lose
h.s.w.a. E.V. radiate, emit, permeate
h.t.r.d. E.V. to loath, to detest, to dislike, to hate
h.y.m.m. E.V. to compose a song, to craft a song
h.y.m.n. E.V. to sing, sing
h.y.n.n. E.V. protect, guard, defend
hadhal Grimoirius Log
hadihi adj. quick, fast
hatabab n. night, night time
hatalsat n. day (24 hrs) Regal Automia Log
helale adv. sonorously, loudly
helux n. terror, fear, dread
hloqhib n. body, corpse, medium, host
hqngia n. illumination, radiance, aura, presence
hto conj. again, once again, repeat
htwal n. pattern
hu like...
hweiren n./adj. dragon, draconic
hymete n. song, ode, hymn, musical composition Central Standard Log
hyud but, however, although


Word Class Meaning IPA Log Type
i of
i.e.n.o. E.V. devour, consume, eat, ravish
i.f.r.j. E.V. tread, walk
i.l.c.t. E.V. to dream, to daydream, to fantasize
i.t.o.l. E.V. to become numb, desensitize
ieiylater n. distance
igrat n. magic, sorcery
ilaalma n. complex
ilal adj. unbreakable, impervious, invulnerable, unshakable
ilamashaeir n. phosphorus
ilan adj. vulnerable, weak, exposed, fragile, exposed to any harm
ileika adj./adv. forever, of eternity, eternally
iliris n. lamp, streetlight, lantern, torch
iliyasha n. light, Lumen, the element of light (Different from 'lhaongia' which is used for elements of purity and justice and such, while 'iliyasha' is more for the actual element itself, despite seeming to be a holy concept) Central Standard Log
iogh and yet... Eldaria Log
iqos n./adj. reality, of truth, of reality, true, truth
itzeielo n. attraction, magnetism, connection, link
izobiluet n. noise, static


Word Class Meaning IPA Log Type E.V. summon, call upon, draw power from, to call for
j.v.m.j. E.V. save, rescue, aid
jak n. drink, beverage, liquid that can be drunk
jamil despite, in spite of...
jaraseim n. guardian, protector
jathanigara n. ritual, ceremony, trial, tradition, coronation
jnapalak adj. foolish, arrogant, prideful, egotistical, full of ego, selfish
jotulu n. home, homeland, home world, hometown, place that is home
jwal n. rune, symbol, letter that represents something Regal Automia Log
jyr adj. inescapable, unavoidable, of unavoidable fate


Word Class Meaning IPA Log Type
k.n.q.t. E.V. be, is, am, are Belezorgo Log
k.n.r.h. E.V. to learn, to receive knowledge, to study
k.t.n.p. E.V. to analyse, to research, to examine, to study, to scan Regal Automia Log
k.tx.k.x. E.V. celebrate
k.x.l.c. E.V. anoint, baptize
k.y.ts.c. E.V. heal, restore, fix
kalusyani adj. life-changing, awe-inspiring (as if the object described is absolutely unique and very rare) Eldaria Log
karabeisi n. terrifying vision/memory, traumatic memory, mental trauma
kbl where
kdmein for what reason? why?
ke prep./suffix/adv. not (negation) Central Standard Log
keialhanya n. book of knowledge, book of law, Veda
kh.s.t.u. E.V. reject, repel, exclude
kham adj. dangerous, risky
ki adj. very, very much
kibirino where are...
kivneulia thank you
kl adv. before...
klaixa adj. chained, restrained, restricted, paralysed, frozen
kng in the past..., long ago...
ko adv. cannot, can't
kolha v./prep. nearby, near, close to
kongain n. sinner, criminal
ksalanu n. phase, form, matter, state, mode
ksys no matter what~ Regal Automia Log
kxb suffix/prep. opposite of..., against, anti-


Word Class Meaning IPA Log Type
l.a.r.l. E.V. to draw, to sketch
l.b.n.j. E.V. to dye, to paint, to colour, to fill with colour
l.d.l.z. E.V. reveal, disclose, open, show
l.d.s.y. E.V. attack, assault, commence an attack, commit an offense, violate Belezorgo Log
l.h.s.y. E.V. protect, guard, defend
l.k.x.n. E.V. honour, respect, admire, idolize (as if someone is admiring/following a role model) Regal Automia Log
l.m.t.l. E.V. to gather, to unite, to join together
l.n.c.m. E.V. tear apart, rip, slash, cut
l.r.r.y. E.V. to pervert, to corrupt, to violate
l.r.s.h. E.V. to believe in, have faith in, to trust
l.s.d.pq. E.V. play, frolic
l.t.l.y. E.V. pray, wish (for)
l.t.nt.n. E.V. ascend, reach a higher state of mind, evolve, reach/attain godhood, gain enlightenment α Altheumelia Log
l.v.k.s. E.V. ascend, reach a higher state of mind, evolve, reach/attain godhood, gain enlightenment Sol-Empelis Log
l.y.c.z. E.V. illuminate, brighten up, light, shine (down upon), glow
l.y.k.y. E.V. to gain colour, to recover, to become normal
l.y.s.y. E.V. radiate, glow, shine, illuminate Regal Automia Log
la conj. that (when attached with a plural article, it becomes 'those')
lahazat n. piano
lahideiya n. sonata
lamarla adv./adj. lovingly, affectionate, caringly, loving, affectionately
lamwal n. anguish, suffering, torment
lana role, duty, responsibility
larlae adv. dizzily, confusedly
lateishi n. instrument, musical instrument (used more for musical instruments)
leksemigo n. technetium
lha adj. mystery, uniqueness, special trait, ascension, original
lhaipar n. heart (organ) Regal Automia Log
lhait n. soul, psyche, Anima/Animus
lhany adj. great, strong, grand, big, high, supreme, superior
lhaongia n. divinity, Caelum, Aether, (heavenly) light (can be used to mean the term that the 'divine' concept is an element.)
lheng adj. divine, holy, ethereal, celestial
lhuan n. spirit, soul, ghost
li prep. this/these (used for emphasis before a consonant sound) Eldaria Log
lihimeiyat n. (mental) trauma, traumatic experiences Eldaria Log
lindeti n. planet
liqesha n. star Belezorgo Log
lisa adj./adv. gently, delicately, tenderly, tender, gentle
lisaghat n. anger, wrath, fury, ire
lishajeit n. hatred
lisheno n. process, method E.V. to have an epiphany/vision that is life-changing (for oneself) α Altheumelia Log
losyogib n. insanity, madness, craziness Regal Automia Log
lub adv. too late, not anymore, already
lusaib even now~
lwar adv. eventually, inevitably, one day, soon
lyarae adj. clear, obvious, visible
lyshiya phosphorescence, fluorescence, radiance, glow, aura
lythisha n. light, the element of light, Lumen, Phos


Word Class Meaning IPA Log Type
m.g.t.m. E.V. reflect, deflect, project
m.g.z.t. E.V. flourish, bloom, mature, develop, to realize, to blossom
m.o.w.n. E.V. surge, scatter
m.s.k.m. E.V. operate, work, control, maintain
m.t.m.z. E.V. to teach, to give knowledge to Regal Automia Log
maedad despite
malaki adj. evil, cruel, inhuman, malignant
mar adv./n. now, present (time)
marum prisoner, hostage
mazeir n. soul, spirit, heart, core of will and feelings Eldaria
miaha n. wheel, disc, mandala
misarrcu despite..., in spite of... Belezorgo
mo n. karma, consequence
moi in order to... Central
mosrohov n. subordination, submission
mxb adj. chosen, unique, special
myfata in spite of... Eldaria


Word Class Meaning IPA Log Type
n.l.n.z. E.V. change, transform, alter, turn into (is used more to refer to changing the object/subject instead of the speaker) Eldaria
n.m.i.t. E.V. execute, invoke, initialize, start, begin Eldaria
n.n.e.r. E.V. to question, to challenge, to duel, to oppose
n.r.f.f. E.V. ignite, combust, put on fire
n.s.i.l. E.V. to suffer, to undergo pain, to be tormented by
n.s.s.h. E.V. die, pass on, pass away
n.v.l.n. E.V. fight, battle, challenge, duel
n.y.s.r. E.V. come, arrive (time)
n.y.s.u. E.V. lament, grieve, weep, cry
n.y.t.nt. E.V. ignore, forget
n.z.n.z. E.V. establish, build, set a base
naslajat n. judgement, retribution, vengeance, righteousness Belezorgo Log
nenumai adj. sophisticated, complicated, enigmatic, advanced, inhuman
ngapheia n. mission, objective, main focus, duty, job
ngaral n./adj. thorn, briar, thorny, spiky, prickly
nhangya n. bow (and arrow)
nixonii n. chain, bindings, rope
nje n. will, representative, embodiment
nko prep. back, behind
no ...belongs to... [reversed ownership form] Central Standard Log
nofastaz n./adj. passion, zeal, of passion, zealous
nosapho n./adj. death, mortality, of death
ns.h.k.u. E.V. to (fall into) despair, to lament, to grieve
nto who
ntosua n./adj. possibilities, of possibility E.V. to fuse, to merge with, to become one with
ntug where
nu from... Regal Automia Log
nws.l.tx.l. E.V. wander, drift, travel, become lost, stray away
nws.l.y.k. E.V. use, control, to use (someone) for one's own goals, to play with


Word Class Meaning IPA Log Type
odnaris n. everyone and this world, all existences and every world α Altheumelia Log
oilei n./adj. lie, deceit, deception, of deceit
ojaqhi n. voice
ojo how
ojon through what action, through what way?
olenik n. enemy, opponent
omi adj./n. all~, every(thing/one/body)~ α Altheumelia Log
omorfi n. invader, intruder
on below, under, underneath
out adj. explosive, supernatural
oxheloma n. anthem, antiphon
oxir n. bird, avian creature


Word Class Meaning IPA Log Type
p.b.k.v. E.V. to empower, to enhance (one's qualities)
p.d.h.t. E.V. take in, comprehend, process
p.g.y.h. E.V. project (an image), reflect, deflect, to reflect, to send/turn back (an object)
p.h.k.n. E.V. kiss, make love to, care for, love (someone)
p.k.p.n. E.V. scream, yell, shout, shriek Belezorgo
p.k.t.s. E.V. escape, flee (in a desperate manner)
p.l.x.y. E.V. cancel out, nullify, neutralize
p.r.t.h. E.V. to look up at, admire, respect, honour, worship
peled adj. reckless, foolish, stupid, idiotic
penkha protocol
perapo n. radium
peuxn n. empire, kingdom, territory, domain
phlangan adj./adj. sly, cunning, slyly, cunningly
plyxak n. thallium
pm about, in regards to...(a subject) Regal Automia Log
poj very, a lot
polar prep. on the other (side/person), across
ponaei n. tsunami
ponekan n. idiot, fool
prahanya n. Nirvana Sol-Empelis Log
prathna n. empathy, understanding Eldaria Log
premani n. despair, darkness, sorrow, misery, depression
psashila n. psyche, mind, Qualia, the concept/element of Psyche, Psychos (can be used as a term with all psychological/spiritual qualities as a 'psychic' element) Eldaria Log
psupu adj. interior, inside, inner


Word Class Meaning IPA Log Type
q.q.l.q. E.V. shake, tremble, make (someone/something) shake (like thunder)
qad if...
qasrho n. avenger
qauv n. furnace, oven
qelemi n. revelation
qh.y.n.i. E.V. purify, cleanse, reboot, restart, renew, begin anew
qhiblub adj. distorted, twisted, disturbed
qhiolasha n. paradise, sanctuary, haven, sanctum, utopia
qinjai n. hell, dystopia, cursed land, cursed world Belezorgo


Word Class Meaning IPA Log Type
r.b.y.s. E.V. live, exist
r.c.h.r. E.V. to continue (doing something) Central Log
r.f.i.a. E.V. count, to sum E.V. fulfil, complete, accomplish
r.o.a.r. E.V. smother, darken
r.r.n.n. E.V. obey, heed
r.s.q.v. E.V. to descend, to fall
r.t.n.y. E.V. to revive, to resurrect, to bring back to life E.V. to dance Eldaria
r.w.s.l. E.V. to analyse, to scan, to research, to study
r.y.y.t. E.V. to end, to terminate
rangi n. spectum
raskra adj. invisible, unobvious
rau adj. stupid, foolish Grimoirius Log
rea (equivalent to the English 'hour')
rei adv. ought to, should, must
riris n. duty, responsibility, role
rogosinat n nightmare, delusion
romlis n. xenon
rt while (~doing something) Central Log
rusuqam n. chromium


Word Class Meaning IPA Log Type
s.a.r.a. E.V. to speak, to talk, to say
s.b.s.b. E.V. scream, yell Central
s.c.l.r. E.V. to meditate, to delve into oneself E.V. sit, lay down, lie upon (a surface)
s.f.e.n. E.V. dye, colour, paint, fill with colours
s.h.n.n. E.V. to commit suicide, to kill oneself, to grow weary of life, to lose the will of living Eldaria Log
s.h.y.n. E.V. govern, dominate, rule, control
s.k.l.t. E.V. to commune with, to communicate with
s.m.t.d. E.V. to accept
s.m.t.t. E.V. to think of (someone)
s.n.c.t. E.V. drown, be submerged in, submerge into, fall into
s.n.s.t. E.V. to receive, to gain
s.n.w.s. E.V. to extract, to take from
s.r.t.x. E.V. to manipulate, to alter, to control (used to express as if manipulating concepts, qualities and/or elements) Eldaria Log
s.r.y.k. E.V. to send, to give to, to deliver
s.s.h.l. E.V. to receive, to obtain
s.s.l.l. E.V. to hold, wield, possess, carry, have
s.s.n.y. E.V. to bow, to show respect, to kneel down
s.t.d.n. E.V. to fire, shoot at, to launch (projectiles) at
s.t.e.s. E.V. see, view, behold, observe
s.t.ll.d. E.V. to reject, to deny, to block
s.t.r.y. E.V. to chant, to pray
s.t.y.t. E.V. to bestow, to give to
s.u.d.e. E.V. to synchronize with, become one with
s.w.r.b. E.V. feel, sense (in a non-physical way)
s.w.s.d. E.V. violate, corrupt, to stain, to taint, defile Belezorgo
s.y.m.e. E.V. laugh, smile, grin
s.y.n.k. E.V. to be connected/synchronized with...
sa that/those (used for emphasis before consonant sounds)
saaliv n. orbit, rotation, cycle
saasuxan n. cobalt
safaduo n. bastard
safta adv. today, right now
sahifai adj. nauseating, disgusting, horrendous, ugly, gross, revolting
samyasha n. arrow, projectile, bullet
saname n. supernova
saramth n. polonium
sard n. pond, lake, swamp
satlat n. blood, crimson liquid, life-giving liquid/element
satnomati n. temple, holy place, sacred place, citadel, cathedral, church Sol-Empelis
se prep. that/those (used for emphasis before vowel sounds)
sei (Equivalent to the English 'second')
sena adv. quickly, rapidly
seriphaf n. Seraphim Sol-Empelis
sertatali n. selenium
shaamhar adv. endlessly, constantly
shayana n. symphony
shimena n. Yiphidelja (a type of element)
shingya n. flower, flora
shisanya n. Phelisenya (a type of flower)
shu prep. in, within, inside Central
shuluxa n. harmony, balance, order, peace
shynfiyeera n. purification, cleansing, healing, restoration
shypota adj./adv. of anger, of rage, angrily, furiously, of wrath
si conj. this (when attached with a plural article, it becomes 'these')
simeshinta n. Aethexilyte (a type of element)
simghera n. serenade
sinasfima n. orchestra
siqithya n. rhythm, tune, beat, resonance, resonation
sithyrea n. kindness, kind-heartedness, compassion, empathy
sixim n./adj. female, girl, woman
siximus n./adj. man, male, boy
soise adv. calmly, peacefully
solotar n. insanity, madness Central
sosst adj. powerful, superior, all-mighty, almighty, strong, grand
ss.r.y.t. E.V. to become one, to act as one (with) E.V. reveal, open, disclose
staryele n. nebula, nebulae
sud n. soap, shampoo
swngiam n./adj. cat, neko, feline
sxaslivym n./adj. phosphorus, glowing, bright
syabhlo adj. ever-changing
syeserie adj./n. beautiful, beauty, of beauty
synethilra n. good wills, good people, good-doer, kind-hearted people/soul, pure soul(s), kind ones, pure-hearted one(s) Sol-Empelis Log


Word Class Meaning IPA Log Type
t.a.c.s. E.V. return, come back
t.a.f.i. E.V. to offer, to give, to sacrifice Central
t.k.l.y. E.V. to give birth to, give life to
t.k.m.s. E.V. play (instrument/music) α Altheumelia
t.l.f.t. E.V. to transform into Central
t.l.x.d. E.V. to wield, to hold, to grasp
t.l.l.y. E.V. to pray, to wish Central
t.m.s.h. E.V. march, progress, advance, move forward
t.n.l.r. E.V. sleep, slumber, fall asleep/unconscious
t.n.n.l. E.V. to think about (someone/a subject)
t.n.t.a. E.V. to fly, to take off (into the skies), to soar
t.p.h.t. E.V. to imprison, to restrict, to restrain, to incarcerate, to bind
t.r.s.h. E.V. dispose of, get rid of
t.s.r.t. E.V. purify, cleanse, to renew
t.s.s.r. E.V. to disconnect, to sever links
t.s.w.t. E.V. to entrust, to have faith in (someone)
t.s.w.v. E.V. to float, to levitate, to (be) suspended in mid-air E.V. heal, restore, cure
t.t.d.y. E.V. to (fall into) despair, to despair
t.t.k.r. E.V. to kiss
t.t.l.l. E.V. to become
t.v.k.a. E.V. to do (something)
t.w.r.t. E.V. disobey, betray
t.y.s.f. E.V. help, aid, assist, support, back up (someone)
ta in regards to...(a subject)
taccabj n. galena
tafri adv. again, repeat
talamana n. narthex, cradle, source, origin, place of origin, starting place
talja n. peak, apex, point
tanghvas n./adj. copper
tapenyest adj./adv. emotionless, emotionlessly
tasij n. sword, blade
tau adj. tender, gentle, soft
th.t.c.s. E.V. to make love to, to consummate, to love
th.t.n.m. E.V. to fulfil, to complete, to accomplish
thapele interj. hello, welcome, salutations
thi adj. all~, every~
thiabua interj. goodbye, farewell
tiasei n. palace, citadel, castle
tikirat n. animal, creature, fauna
tikuretine n. destruction, ruination, devastation, annihilation
tinarf n. Oxamyl
tise adj. pale, transparent, clear
tn (Equivalent to the English 'minute')
topoi n. daydream, fantasy
tqeshi n. Phenol (a chemical)
tsib Grimoirius Log
tsodia n. staff, magical staff
tuskiej victim, scapegoat
twb.l.tx.z. E.V. proceed with caution E.V. to sacrifice oneself to protect others, to sacrifice oneself for the sake of... Eldaria Log
txhualam n. fire, the element of Fire, Pyros
txuayam God's Divine Protection Sol-Empelis Log
tyesarta n. sister


Word Class Meaning IPA Log Type
u [A]...only if...[B]
u.a.s.f. E.V.
u.m.e.t. E.V. play, frolic α Altheumelia Log
u.n.n.e. E.V. be frightened (of)
u.r.f.r. E.V. play (instrument)
u.s.d.p. E.V. to imbue, to engrave, to cast upon, to enchant, to place a spell upon, to evoke upon, to use (magic) upon Regal Automia Log
u.s.r.y. E.V. to blight, to kill maliciously, to murder in cold blood Grimoirius Log
ua like... Eldaria Log
ukhanya n./adj. bravery, courage, of courage, of bravery
ukuyeka n. planet, world
un adj. other (side/person)
urtel adv. angrily, violently, furiously
urtul n. radon
usatoro adj. sublime, of sublimation
uzor adv. maybe


Word Class Meaning IPA Log Type
v adv./adj. with, alongside, together Central Standard Log
v.l.l.n. E.V. execute, invoke, put into motion Eldaria Log E.V. resonate, echo, reverberate, resound
v.v.i.s. E.V. call upon, summon
vadani adv. no matter what
vadar n. end, finish, finale
vaz adj. bittersweet, ironic
vev adj. only, unique
vgeles adj. lonely
vhidanga n. lover, fiancée, life-mate, destined mate, soulmate
vhishaera n. love, affection, care, infatuation, kindness
viora n. butterfly
vo adv. now, present (time) Regal Automia Log
volna "Hey!" (Is used to coax attention or indicating affirmation/agreement) Central Standard Log
vos pron. you (Instead of 'v' having its usual 'fw' sound, it can be pronounced as 'f' for this word for easier pronunciation) Central Standard Log
vosa pron. you (plural) Central Standard Log
vs pron. you (archaic form) Sol-Empelis Log
vse pron. you (plural archaic form) Sol-Empelis Log
vset n. depths, deep levels
vxera n. flute
vy conj. by...


Word Class Meaning IPA Log Type
w to, the (definite article direct object marker) Central Standard Log
w.d.l.t. E.V. save, rescue, help one avert demise/end, save from a terrible fate
w.d.t.s. E.V. dance E.V. to declare, to announce
w.n.s.j. E.V. drown
w.s.w.f. E.V. waver, change (mindset)
walexhtirya n./adj. rainbow, iridescence, iridescent, rainbow
wana n. drum
wantaqil n. bloodlust, violence, violent nature
welysha n. star, planet Belezorgo Log
wiyan n./adj. freedom, salvation, liberation, of freedom, of salvation


Word Class Meaning IPA Log Type
x.y.n.g. E.V. recall, remember
x.z.t.s. E.V. create, craft (as if creating something with supernatural or magical terms.) Eldaria Log
x.z.w.s. E.V. create, craft (in physical/normal terms)
xaca n. scar, wound
xaflicas n. God's Divine Power Sol-Empelis
xangri n. colour, dye, paint, pigment
xelema n. goddess
xelhoveka n. constellation, heavenly/celestial body
xengequ n. thought, idea, ideal,
xfen n. god (used as a reference for male gods only)
xhiloga n. diamond, rainbow-coloured gemstone
xhisamaya n. star Sol-Empelis
xhisariya n. ray, beam, pulse, wave
xhiyaria n. melody, tune, sound waves
xihyma n. song, hymn, ode α Altheumelia
ximttagh n. prism, 3-D object, reflector, deflector
ximus n. sword, blade
xk prep. from, originating from, of, began from
xl prep. to, at, towards, upon, unto, into
xnakt n. dagger, small sword, knife
xng beside, at one's left/right side, next to, alongside
xnon what
xohad when
xotirai n. friend, companion
xto front, ahead, above, in front of~
xtobit n./adj. idiot, fool, stupid person, stupid, idiotic, foolish
xuvita n. shield, barrier
xya before oneself, in front of one's vision, in one's sights
xyu behind
xyuasaib n. Divine Sword (Derogative Meaning: Divine Wisdom) Sol-Empelis


Word Class Meaning IPA Log Type
y n./pron. it, this, that, those Central
y.c.l.m. E.V. is, be, are, am
y.d.y.w. E.V. terminate, put an end to, stop, end E.V. reveal, unclose, uncover
y.l.t.r. E.V. to give, to send
y.t.d.n. E.V. change, transform, become, turn into
y.v.r.s. E.V. to sacrifice, to offer Belezorgo Log
ya ...therefore..., and so..., thus...
yaemala n. projectile, bullet, arrow
yaim adj. real, true
yamali n. slave, servant (in a degraded matter)
yashe n. fairy
ye conj. ...and...
yehutlina n. ephemeris, research, study notes, analysis
yesli adv. cannot, can't
yfaen adj./n. bloody, blood, red
yihonli n./adj. magic, sorcery, supernatural, of magic
yisherali n./adj. platinum
yisyphela n. knowledge, data, wisdom, information
yjb adj. of the past
ymkn n./adj. coward, stupid, foolish, fool
yodeme n. father (as in god)
ypaxe n./adj. holy mother, motherly
yperif interj. but, however
yphelia n. hope, wish, prayer
ytori n. dream, daydream


Word Class Meaning IPA Log Type
z.g.b.j. E.V. explode (with momentum/anger/drama/suspense), snap, become insane, lose patience, lose control, become enraged
z.h.y.c. E.V. to ascend, go up, rise
z.s.d.w. E.V. die, pass away, rot
z.w.k.z. E.V. kill, murder, take one's life
z.y.t.l. E.V. fight, battle, duel, challenge
zagoloka n. library, place of knowledge, archive
zamonin n./adj. storm, thunder, lightning, of storms
zeltie n. oneself (can be used to mean 'myself'. When IA is prefixed to it, it changes to 'yourself'. When YO is prefixed to it, it changes to 'themselves')
zetsivtos n. revelation
zfaze n. book, script, manuscript, tome, dictionary, thesaurus
zhelaniya n. mage, sorcerer, witch (not in an offensive way), wizard, one who wields magic
ziejakebit n. Electros, the element of lightning/electricity
ziur adv. in vain, vainly
zoo n. den, cave
zoosaib n. home, house, building
zotirao n./adj. demise, ending, final, last
zzankoj n. grenade, bomb, an object that explodes