bahá¿ Hello Friend (You and I are being in relation to each other)


Pronunciations are fairly simple, and there are only a few sounds which do not exist, or are not written, in the English language.

a (as in father, or ah)

ä (aw in law, o in not)

e (ay in day, eigh in weight)

ë (e in bet)

i (ee in beet)

ï (i in bit)

o (oa in boat, o in broke)

u (oo in boot, u in Luke)

ü (oo in look, rook) This sound is not truly a separate sound, it is, in fact, just another way of pronouncing u.

ÿ (diphthong ie in die, lie)

Consonants that are the same in English.

b, h, k, l, m, n, p, s, t, w

x (sh)

c (ch)

q (this sound can be found on the internet in sound files for the Quechua language)

ts (ts in itsy bitsy)

ñ (n sound in sung, lung, rank, think. Not like n in fun, run)

Glottalized consonants

¿ (Glottal stop)

c', k', t', ts'

Pitch also plays an important roll. Since key combinations don't exist for certain characters, certain ways of writing pitch change can seem rather odd.

a Regular pitch.

á High pitch

à Low pitch

ë Regular pitch, low pitch (Unfortunately there's no way to use ´`on top of ë)

Ë High pitch

Sometimes I will write these letters out as superscript and subscript..

inaá (inaa) I am going

nóon (noon) I do not want it

naáhi¿onëë (naahi¿onëë I would like to do it, I want to do it.

English words using the alphabet
English Alphabet
I see you ÿ si yu
I hate calling him ÿ he¿ kälin hïm

ha¿ wiháhya. These are just a few words. (this he has written them)

wuhwaxnaheé See you (We will see each other again)


There are two sets of numbers, but for now I will discuss only one set.

0 ime

1 xa

2 ma

3 la

4 ka

5 ca

6 cox

7 com

8 col

9 cok

10 cem

11 cemox

12 cemom

13 cemol

14 cemok

15 cel

16 celox

17 celom

18 celol

19 celok

20 ba

21 banox

22 banom

25 banoca

40 beman

50 bemanocem

60 belan

80 bekan

100 becan

120 becoxan

140 becoman

160 becolan

180 becokan

399 becelokanoocelok

400 baha

401 bahanox

800 baheman

820 bahemanooba

7999 bahecelokanoo becelokanoo celok

8000 biman

160,000 bilan

3,200,000 bikan

64,000,000 bicoxan

1,279,999,999 = bicoxanecelokanoo bikanecelokanoo bilanecelokanoo bimanecelokanoo bahecelokanoo becelokanoo celok

Here is the same number in the second set.

1,279,999,999 = kokookokookokooko


(Note: I am moving away from using pa for the number 4, so in the links 4 is still pa.)

Beginning Yama in pdf format. [1]

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