Ylysepen features 3 classes of nouns based upon size of the object.

The first class is the is class. Is objects are small enough to be held or carried in the hand. Is also refers to intangible nouns.

Is gelker - the flower

Is cenel - the bone

Is ruc - the light

Is turns to dem in the plural

Dem gilker - the flowers

Dem cinel - the bones

Dem ryci - the lights

The second class is the i class. I things are those which are roughly the same size of a human. They may or may not be transportable by a human, but they generally are not permanent.

I ymer - the man

I nelo̧tef - the chair

I also turns to dem in the plural

Dem ymer - the men

Dem nilo̧lef - the chairs

The third class, ilos refers to large, usually permanent objects.

Ilos kes - the house

Ilos turns to ilem in the plural.

Ilem kisi - the houses.