There are a lot varient of irregular verbs in Yorshaan.

Irregular II-Verb[]

They are regarded as a part of II-verbs because their infinitive form still end in -aam. Some certain endings of a stem of verb is surely meant to be irregular.

Ending Word Difference Example Exception
Voiced Non-nasal
+ s & t
-bz cebzaam click Whenver there is a "u"
behind the stem, the "z"
shall drop.
As for perfect aspect,
the whole ending and
the last vowel drops.
cebu I'm being clicked ssabzaam stare
-dz zædzaam yell zet I've yelled
-gz lyogzaam scare lyer I had scared
-sz meiszaam lose med I will have lost
-tz gortzaam hide gina I want to be hidden
-vz docovzaam respond docodyo If I were responded
Nasal & Lateral
With Palatalization
-ly bailyaam giggle "y" followed by "i" must drop.
No palatalization
for participles and gerund.
banlain giggling
-my tomyaam serve tomis I want to be served
-ny thænyaam give birth thænurj destined to be born
With Labialization -sw cwoswaam attempt "w" followed by "u" must drop.
No palatalization
for participles and gerund.
cwosih attempted
-tw neitwaam attend netain attended
-zw taoshhenzwaam please taoshhenzurj destined to be pleased

Nasal Syllable Verb[]

Some verbs, however, "shrink" its first syllable opening with "m" or "n". As a result, these nasal consonants become syllabic. Each type (I, II, III) of verb has some such nasal syllables verbs. These verbs "shrink" their first syllable in past and future tense. For participles and gerunds as well.

Verb Type Word Gerund Present Ptcp. Present Simple Past Simple Future Simple
I/G Verb malameem falsify mlenaruu mlamiom malame mleme mlæme
II/M Verb melemaam choose mlemizhuu mlemain melemo mlemon mlemolh
III/D Verb metyus escape mtyiduu mtyinc metye mtyet mtyell

6-Principle Verbs[]

There is also a group of verbs share some same reflections. Verbs in this group are very crucial and common, such as yog (to be), etas (to exist), casonzh (to seem), alonzh (to be), etc. Some (not all of) these verbs have the same ending in infinite form, like -onzh. Verbs in this group are lack of progressive aspect.

Verbs of this subgroup have 6 principles:

-i- -a- -e- -eu- -onzh -et

And a table based on the 6 principles:

Conjugation of Yog-verbs Person First Second Third
Tense Mood .../Number Singular Plural Singular Plural Singular Plural
Present Realis Imperfect 1PRS 1PRS+(oi)s 1PRS+(o)d 1PRS+(o)ds 3PRS 3PRS+(ei)n
Perfect 1PRS+aud 1PRS+auds 1PRS+(o)daud 1PRS+(o)dauds 3PRS+emp 3PRS+empt
Participle PCP+ois(ei) PCP+osar(ei)
Infinitive INF, INF+a- INF+ahain, INF+ahe-
Optative Imperfect 1PRS+un 1PRS+unz 3PRS+om
Perfect 1PRS+unwa 1PRS+unwaz 3PRS+omwa
Subjunctive Imperfect FUT+umb FUT+oumb FUT+(e)ss
Perfect FUT+umbad FUT+oumbad FUT+(e)ssad
Imperative Passive 1PRS+ia 1PRS+aa
Antipassive 1PRS+eha 1PRS+aha
Past Realis Imperfect PST PST+(oi)s PST+(o)d PST+(o)ds PST PST+(ei)n
Perfect PST+aud PST+emp
Participle PCP+osh(ei) PCP+oshar(ei)
Infinitive INF+oth, INF+o- INF+oton, INF+oto-
Optative Imperfect PST+unwe PST+unzwe PST+omwe
Perfect PST+unyaw PST+omyaw
Subjunctive Imperfect FUT+(o)+PST+umb FUT+(o)+PST+(e)ss
Perfect FUT+(o)+PST+umbad FUT+(o)+PST+(e)ssad
Future Realis Imperfect FUT FUT+(oi)s FUT+(o)d FUT+(o)ds FUT FUT+(ei)n
Perfect FUT+aud FUT+emp
Participle PCP+osy(ei) PCP+osyar(ei)
Infinitive INF+ur, INF+u- INF+urenz(ei), INF+ure-
Optative Imperfect FUT+unwits FUT+unzwits FUT+omwits
Perfect FUT+unœm FUT+omœm
Subjunctive Imperfect FUT+(o)+INF+umb FUT+(o)+INF+(e)ss
Perfect FUT+(o)+INF+umbad FUT+(o)+INF+(e)ssad
Imperative Passive FUT+ia FUT+aa
Antipassive FUT+eha FUT+aha
Gerund INF+(i)thuu
Voice (as for partciple and infinitive) Passive Antipassive

And here's some 6-principle verbs. Inflections that won't fit in the rule above will be marked as bold red.

Principles ihy ohy og om yog yt
Inflection Person First Second Third
Tense Mood .../Number Singular Plural Singular Plural Singular Plural
Present Realis Imperfect ihy ihyt ahy ahyt ohy ohyt
Perfect ihyaud ihyauds ahyaud ahyauds ohyemp ohyempt
Participle ytois(ei) ytosar(ei)
Infinitive yog, yo- yogahain, yogahe-
Optative Imperfect ihyun ahyunz ohyom
Perfect ihyunwa ahyunwaz ohyomwa
Subjunctive Imperfect omumb omoumb omss
Perfect omumbad omoumbad omssad
Imperative Passive hia haa
Antipassive eha aha
Past Realis Imperfect og ogs ogd ogds og ogein
Perfect ogaud ogemp
Participle ytosh(ei) ytoshar(ei)
Infinitive yogoth, yogo- yogoton, yogoto-
Optative Imperfect ogunwe ogunzwe ogomwe
Perfect ogunyaw ogomyaw
Subjunctive Imperfect omogumb omogss
Perfect omogumbad omogssad
Future Realis Imperfect om oms omd omds om omein
Perfect omaud omemp
Participle ytosy(ei) ytosyar(ei)
Infinitive yogur, yogu- yogurenz(ei), yogure-
Optative Imperfect omunwits omunzwits omomwits
Perfect omunœm omomœm
Subjunctive Imperfect omyogumb omyogss
Perfect omyogumbad omyogssad
Imperative Passive omia omaa
Antipassive omeha omaha
Gerund ythuu
Voice (as for partciple and infinitive) Passive Antipassive
Al (to be)(copula) 1PRS 3PRS PST FUT INF PCP
Principles ale alen el eul alonzh alet
Inflection Person First Second Third
Tense Mood .../Number Singular Plural Singular Plural Singular Plural
Present Realis Imperfect ale ales aled aleds alen alenn
Perfect alaud alauds aldaud aldauds alemp alempt
Participle aletois(ei) aletosar(ei)
Infinitive alonzh, alonzha- alonzhahain, alonzhahe-
Optative Imperfect alun alunz alom
Perfect alunwa alunwaz alomwa
Subjunctive Imperfect eulumb euloumb eulss
Perfect eulumbad euloumbad eulssad
Imperative Passive alia alaa
Antipassive aleha alaha
Past Realis Imperfect el els eld el'ds' el eln
Perfect elaud elemp
Participle aletosh(ei) aletoshar(ei)
Infinitive alonzhoth, alonzho- alonzhoton, alonzhoto-
Optative Imperfect elunwe elunzwe elomwe
Perfect elunyaw elomyaw
Subjunctive Imperfect eulelumb eulelss
Perfect eulelumbad eulelssad
Future Realis Imperfect eul euls euld eulds eul euln
Perfect eulaud eulemp
Participle aletosy(ei) aletosyar(ei)
Infinitive alonzhur, alonzhu- alonzhurenz(ei), alonzhure-
Optative Imperfect eulunwits eulunzwits eulomwits
Perfect eulunœm eulomœm
Subjunctive Imperfect eulalonzhumb eulalonzhess
Perfect eulalonzhumbad eulalonzhessad
Imperative Passive eulia eulaa
Antipassive euleha eulaha
Gerund alonzhithuu
Voice (as for partciple and infinitive) Passive Antipassive