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Declensions Yes
Conjugations Yes
Genders yes
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Verbs conjugate according to...
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Classification and Dialects[]



Bilabial Labio-dental Dental Alveolar Post-alveolar Palatal Velar Uvular Glottal
Nasal m n
Plosive p b t d k g q ʔ​
Fricative (ɸ β) θ ð s z ​ʃ​ ​ʒ x (ɣ) h
Affricate t͡s d͡z (t͡ʃ d͡ʒ)
Approximant w j
Trill r
Flap or tap
Lateral fric.
Lateral app. l
Lateral flap


Front Near-front Central Near-back Back
Close i y u
Close-mid e o
Mid ə
Open-mid ε ɔ​
Open ɑ


Writing System[]


Latin m n ń p b t d k g q ' s
Sound m n ŋ p b t d k g q ʔ​ s
Latin z š ž x h ś ź r l (f) ț đ
Sound z ʃ​ ʒ x h t͡s d͡z r l (f) θ ​ð​
Latin é e ë á a o y w j
Sound e ə/Ø ε a a/Ø o y w/u j/i


Hebrew מ נ ם פ ב ת ד כ ג ק א ס
Sound m n ŋ p b t d k g q ʔ​ ​s
Hebrew ז ש ח ה צ ו י ר ל
Sound z ʃ​ x h t͡s w/u j/i r l
Hebrew אֵ אְ אֶ אַ אֲ אֹ אֻ
Sound e ə/Ø ε a a/Ø o y


Arabic پ ب ک گ
Sound m n ŋ p b t d k g q ʔ​ s
Arabic ژ ﺡ / ﻩ
Sound z ʃ​ ʒ x h t͡s d͡z r l f θ ​ð​
Arabic و
Sound e ə/Ø ε a a/Ø o y w/u j/i


# Name IPA Latin Hebrew Arabic
Final Medial Initial Isolated
1 [ʔ] ـئ ـأ ـؤ ـئـ ئـ ء أ
2 [ɒ] ـا آ ا
3 [b] ـب ـبـ ب
4 [p] ـپ ـپـ پ
5 [t] ـت ـتـ
6 [θ] ـث ـثـ
7 [d͡z] ـجـ
8 [t͡s] ـچـ
9 [h] ـحـ
10 [x] ـخـ
11 [d] ـد
12 [​ð​] ـذ
13 [r] ـر
14 [z] ـز
15 [ʒ] ـژ ژ
16 [s] ـس ـسـ
17 [ʃ] ـش ـشـ
18 [s] ـص ـصـ
19 [z] ـض ـضـ ﺿ
20 [t] ـط ـطـ
21 [θ] ـظ ـظـ
22 [ʔ] ـع ـعـ
23 [ɣ] / [ɢ] ـغ ـغـ
24 [f] ـف ـفـ
25 [q] ـق ـقـ
26 [k] ـک ـکـ کـ ک
27 [g] ـگ ـگـ گ
28 [l] ـل ـلـ
29 [m] ـم ـمـ
30 [n] ـن ـنـ
31 [w]/[u] ـو و
32 [h] ـه ـهـ هـ
33 [j] ـیـ





זמל (zml) Singular Dual Plural
Nominative זמלס (zámales) זמלתס (zámaletos) זמלמס (zámalemis)
Accusative זמלנ (zámalen) זמלתנ (zámaleton) זמלמנ (zámalemin)
Dative זמלל (zámalel) זמלתל (zámaletol) זמלמל (zámalemil)
Posessive זמלש (zámalesh) זמלתש (zámaletosh) זמלמש (zámalemish)
Genitive זמלר (zámaler) זמלתר (zámaletor) זמלמר (zámalemir)
Vocative זמלח (zámalex) זמלתח (zámaletox) זמלמח (zámalemix)


Consonants Gender Vowels Example Translation
2 neuter CáCa
common CáCe 'anë I
female CáCi 'ani I (female)
male CáCu 'anu I (male)
3 neuter CáCaCa זמלן zámala thing
common CáCaCe זמל zámalë person
female CáCaCi זמלי zámali woman/girl
male CáCaCu זמלו zámalu man/boy
4 neuter CaCoCeCa
common CaCoCeCe
female CaCoCeCi
male CaCoCeCu


Personal pronouns[]

Singular Dual Plural
1st person אנס ('ánes) אנתס ('ánetos) אנמס ('ánemis)
2nd person אתס ('átes) אתתס ('átetos) אתמס ('átemis)
3rd person הנס (hánes) הנתס (hánetos) הנמס (hánemis)
indefinite קלס (qáles)
reflexive סחס (sáxes) סחתס (sáxetos) סחמס (sáxemis)

Table of correlatives[]

interrogative relative demonstrative quantifier
near me near you distant existential universal negative alternative
ש- א-
reason שר šar (why?) אר 'ar
time שס šas (when?) אס 'as (now)
location locative שנ šan (were?) אנ 'an (here)
allative שם šaŋ (to were?) אם 'aŋ (to here)
ablative שמ šam (from were?) אמ 'am (from here)
manner שש šaš (how?) אש 'aš
amount (how many?)
demonstrative masculin who?



Tense Usage Example (אגה give) Translation
Present (Durative) It is happening קאגה is giving
Present (Habitual) It happens usually אאגה gives usually
Past It happened גאגה gave
Past II It just happened כאגה just gave
Future It will happen דאגה will give
Future II It will happen soon תאגה will give soon


Singular Dual Plural
1st person קאגהשק qá'ogëhašq (I am giving) קאגהשת qá'ogëhašt (We two are giving) קאגהשפ qá'ogëhašp (we are giving)
2nd person קאגהחק qá'ogëhaxq (Thou are giving) קאגהחת qá'ogëhaxt (You two are giving) קאגהחפ qáogëhaxp (You are giving)
3rd person קאגהסק qá'ogëhasq (he/she is giving) קאגהסת qá'ogëhast (The two are giving) קאגהספ qá'ogëhasp (They are giving)
indefinite קאגהיכ qá'ogëhajk (one is giving)


Mood English Example Translation
Indicative ... קאגהחק 'ogëhaxq You are giving
Subjunctive would ... שקאגהחק š'ogëhaxq You would be giving
Imperative ...! סקאגהחק sqa'ogëhaxq Give!
Suppositive probably ... חקאגהחק xqa'ogëhaxq You are probably giving
Modal Verbs English Example Translation
שקח ŠQX must ... You must give
לים LJŊ tharf/can ... You have the permission to give
חםה XŊH want to ... You want to give
לרל LRL can ... You can give


Main article: Zhezonsa transitivity

the prefix מ (m) indicates the causative.

Example: דקתלחק dáqotëlaxq (You will die), דמקתלשק אתנ dámoqëtylašq 'áten (I will kill you)


C is a root consonant, T is the tense/mood prefix, P is the person/number suffix.

Pattern Consonants Vowels Example Translation
1 2? TaCoCaP
2 3 TaCoCëCaP
3 4 TaCoCëCyCaP



Example text[]

English I saw a tree by the side of the lake.
Zhezonsa גחרלשק
Transliteration gáxorëlašq
Gloss IND-PRESENT-see-1SG tree-ACC by side-DAT lake-GEN
IPA [gaˈxo​.rε.laʃ​q] [tⁿi] [muˈxa.da.ɟi] [muˈɟɔ] [tɔˈma.tu.ska]
English I love you.
Zhezonsa אאהבשק אתנ
Transliteration 'á'ohëbašq 'áten
IPA [ʔa.ʔo.hε.baʃ​q] [ʔ​a.tən]